Clovis Wedding Videographer

A Videographer is a must-have for every Clovis Wedding

Most Brides Agree

A survey done by Glamour magazine reported that 98% of brides recommend hiring a videographer for your wedding. Additionally, videography ranked as one of the most important investments that a bride and groom could make into their wedding preparations.


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Important factors to consider for a Clovis Wedding Videographer

Relax! We are here to help. We are going to take all of the guesswork out of choosing the right Clovis Wedding Videographer by providing you with a list of everything you need to consider.

  1. Experience

    You need to make sure your Clovis Wedding Videographer has enough experience to get the job done right. Uncle Art may have a nice video camera, but that doesn’t mean he can deliver a video with professional elements and style.

  3. Cinematic elements.

    Since investing into your wedding video is so important, you might as well make sure that it turns out as amazing as possible! You don’t want your wedding video to seem like a documentary or news broadcast. It should have a style that is more like a movie, and it should contain music that goes along with the theme of the wedding. Your wedding video should tell the story of your wedding day with emotion. Why not edit out the sound of that plane? They say movies are made in the editing booth, and we say great wedding videos are made there as well.

  5. Clovis Wedding Videography Team

    Notice we said “Team”. Your wedding, regardless of how many people are attending, is too big and important to be covered by just one videographer. You need at least two, and sometimes three videographers to capture every moment. You need eyes, or lenses rather, on the bride and groom, and eyes on the people who are watching the bride and groom. This can capture the full experience of the wedding without leaving out the most important parts.

  7. High end video equipment

    Have you ever been to the set of a major motion picture studio’s production? There are lights, lights, and more lights. Well, if you had that much lighting equipment at your wedding ceremony, it would ruin the romantic ambiance and make it very hot as well. That’s why you need to make sure your Clovis Wedding Videographer uses special video equipment like low light lenses. Only the most elite video teams will know that low-light lenses are the key to quietly capturing every moment.

  9. High end Audio Equipment

    It’s not enough to have just flawless video – you need fantastic audio quality as well. The last thing you want is to have a beautiful picture of your wedding, only to have static or garbled sound quality when the vows are being spoken. You want every laugh, every gasp, every word in the Best Man’s speech to be heard with precise clarity. So make sure that your Clovis Wedding Videographer has the right video and audio equipment.

  11. Wedding Video Packages offered

    It’s important to have the right options you need from your wedding film producer. Make sure your Clovis Wedding Videographer offers Full Service Wedding Video Packages, Wedding Highlights, and the right DVD and digital format delivery options. You should also consider other wedding services such as A Thematic Wedding Movie Poster, a supplementary “love story” and/or “engagement video”, aerial videography options, for that wow factor of the bird’s eye view, and Wedding Website options, to host your video online so your guests can see it as well, if desired. The best wedding videographers will offer all of these options so you can choose any or all of these to make your perfect wedding video.

  13. Turn around time

    How long should you have to wait before you get to see your video? A slow team will make you wait several weeks or months. The fastest teams can have a video done by the end of the wedding reception. For best results, you should look for a team that can have your video ready to preview by the time you get back from your honeymoon.